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Long Day's Journey into Gratuitous Blogging

An incohesive series of rants and points of self-interest from an odd guy...

25 July 1982
I am 26, going on 27, hate The Sound of Music, but not above quoting it. I'm a grinner, and a winner, a lover and a sinner, and for the most part don't want to hurt no one.

I'm a drama, english, and film teacher, though I'm only employed as two of those. I am thus prone to all the adulation and derision that is the lot of the educator.

I have many ambitions in life, though I only act on a small percentage of them as there's a whole lot of video game playing, reading, guitar noodling and movie watching that gets in the way. When all obstacles (and that pesky but loveable fulltime job) get out of the way I like to write screenplays, make short films with my puppeteering friends, act in amateur theatre, and develop various creative projects. I also plan on following through with more University study when both myself, and my lovely partner selphie_jazz are in better financial circumstances.

I'm a sporadic updater at best, so if you only friend frequent updaters than you'll find me disappointing. However I read regularly, comment semi-regularly, and enjoy that ineffible sense of community resulting from ye olde LJ. Feel free to add me - I usually add back, though it might take a few weeks while I check out your LJ and make sure you aren't one of my students (incidentally, if you are, I'm really sorry but I won't add you - there should always be a certain amount of distance between teacher and student, and I use way more naughty words on my LJ than in my classes). I'm vulgar, coarse, occasionally amusing in an overly wordy kind of way, and I'm Australian and make no apologies for using the idioms of my nation.

Now, let's all get stoned whilst quoting Shakespeare and watching zombie movies, then go get naked and howl at the moon.

Then after we finish reliving my high school days we can drink some wine, make commentary on physical theatre and chat about the chemical compounds making up the universe. Which I guess is reliving last night.

Wanna be friends???